Mango Leaf Tea and the Benefits



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This is a dedicated space for all tea lovers but with a health twist. I mainly focus on the health aspect of drinking herbal tea.

You will also find the benefits of drinking Mango Leaf Tea.


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About Mango Leaf Tea


  • Superfood
  • Contain flavoids
  • Vitamins C, A and B

Benefits of Mango Leaf Tea

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-oxidants
  • Treats diabetes
  • Regulates diabetes
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Flushes out toxins in the body
  • Helps with gut health
  • Helps with relaxation
  • Treats gall stones
  • Treats kidney stones
  • Treats colds and flus
  • Treats coughs
  • Treats bronchitis
  • Treats asthma
  • Treats dysentery
  • Treats ear aches
  • Stops hiccups

Great Alternative to Sugar

If you like to sweeten your herbal tea, there are great sugar alternatives that I highly recommend.

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