Horsetail Tea and the Health Benefits




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This is a dedicated space for all tea lovers but with a health twist. I mainly focus on the health aspect of drinking herbal tea.

I have listed the health benefits of drinking Horsetail Tea to show you just how amazing drinking herbal tea is.


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About Horsetail Tea

Horsetail Tea can offer great pain relief due to the anti-inflammatory properties.  Making it suitable for treating conditions such as, arthritis, kidney infections and fevers.

But did you know that drinking horsetail tea can also help with improving your immune system by making it stronger. Also helping to improve bone strength and treat brittle bone. Just to name a few.  I have listed below some more of the amazing benefits that drinking this tea can offer.

Health Benefits of Horsetail Tea

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Treats brittle bone condition
  • Treats gingivitis
  • Treats tonsillitis
  • Treats osteoarthritis
  • Treats acne
  • Treats wounds
  • Treats type 2 diabetes
  • Treats colds and flu
  • Treats fevers
  • Treats conjunctivitis
  • Treats kidney infections
  • Treats bladder conditions
  • Improves bone health
  • Improves the immune system
  • Treat rheumatic disorders
  • Treats edema

Caffeine Free

Great Alternative to Sugar

If you like to sweeten your herbal tea, there are great sugar alternatives that I highly recommend.

I written a detailed article on the alternative sugars and their benefits RIGHT HERE.